The gruesomeness, the lack of compassion and despicable cruelty inflicted on another creature makes me sick to my stomach… neither does it help knowing that some people more closer to home are insensitive to these barbaric acts of animal cruelty, I wish I could show them the same lack of empathy and compassion, but fortunately its against my nature.

In truth, these are pilot whales (a relative of the dolphin) slaughtered annually in the Faeroe isles (under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark) and the link provided is propaganda by the Chinese to detract from their own dreadful animal rights history but these pictures are not made up and the event is real – it really happens (its tradition).

Bystanders are not innocent; nothing changes without human intervention and nothing should!

Source: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5NDM0NTA2Mg%3D%3D&mid=10100142&idx=7&sn=2338d5d305296bc264ba02c8620c3c69&scene=4#rd


Bait preparation at home using tap water – what’s in it?

What’s in it?

Water in the environment naturally contains bacteria, most of which are beneficial or at least harmless. Untreated water may also contain potentially harmful micro-organisms which are removed or destroyed during the treatment process. Many Municipal water companies use a variety of treatments in order to provide safe drinking water for our homes.

Examples of chemicals used in water treatment:

Chlorine is used to disinfect and kill any remaining harmful bacteria.
A small amount of chlorine remains in the water as it leaves the treatment works

At some treatment works chloramine is also used as an extra disinfectant.
Chloramine remains in the water longer than chlorine and is mostly used where water travels a longer distance.

What about the taste and smell?
Some people don’t like the taste or smell of chlorine. The closer you are to the works, the more likely you are able to detect chlorine.
Yorkshire water recommends venting it for a couple of hours if you don’t like it. I cant say I have ever noticed it myself.

The addition of fluoride to water supplies (known as fluoridation) is supported by some health professionals as a good way to protect our teeth from decay.
Although fluoride is naturally present in all water sources at varying levels, Yorkshire water don’t artificially fluoridate any of our water supplies.
The drinking water standard for fluoride is 1.5 mg/litre (1.5 parts per million).
The typical level of fluoride naturally present in Yorkshire water is around 0.1 mg/litre.

Lead pipes and fittings as well as lead solders could contaminate drinking water. There may be traces in your tap water if you have a lead supply pipe which connects mains to your home. Lead water supply pipes are more common in older properties, as is internal lead plumbing which can also be a cause.
Yorkshire water advise us that if water has been standing in lead pipes for long periods (for example, overnight) you shouldn’t use it for drinking, cooking or preparing babies’ feeds. About 1 gallon/4.5 litres (or half a washing-up bowl) should be flushed from the kitchen cold tap before use

Some metals occur naturally in many water sources as they are present in the soil or rock which rainwater passes through. Aluminium and iron compounds are also used at some treatment works as “coagulants” to remove impurities, but these materials and the natural material present are effectively removed by the treatment processes.

Nitrate in water supplies arises from both natural sources and from the use of fertilisers in agriculture. Any nitrate not taken up by crops is likely to be dissolved in rainwater and either percolates down into groundwater or runs off into streams and rivers.
The UK standard for maximum concentration is 50 mg/l
Some raw water sources contain higher levels of nitrate, these are blended with low nitrate water to ensure the treated water supplied is below the standard.

Pesticides covers a wide variety of different chemicals including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and algaecides. They are present in the environment mainly due to their use in agriculture, industry and by Local and Highway Authorities.
Yorkshire water have installed water treatment processes for pesticide removal at all their treatment works where pesticides are occasionally present in the source waters.

Metaldehyde is an individual pesticide substance which is the active ingredient in many slug pellets; levels occasionally have been above the 0.1?g/l standard but below the health based value of 10µg/l advised by the Health Protection Agency.

So what does it all mean and does it really matter?
No water can be pure that is delivered to us through the tap but at least it is safe to drink. The only concern we might have as anglers is will it affect our baits, will the fish know or care?

Some anglers think that fluoride present in tap water could deter fish.
According to Wikipedia currently around 10% of the population of the United Kingdom receives fluoridated water.

For bait preparation at home it has been suggested by some anglers that you could remove this fluoride by venting for a couple of days outside in a sheltered spot before use.
But you cant do that, it will only concentrate more as the water evaporates.

Tap water also contains trace amounts of copper or lead (or both) depending on how old your house is.
Some old houses may have had some or all the lead pipes replaced with copper and/or plastic but may still include underground lead pipes leading up to the house.

Copper in trace amounts from pipes is essential to life, so too are the minerals calcium, sulphur and magnesium which are sometimes present in tap water. These minerals will not harm your bait, their inclusion in baits could be beneficial although some people believe we are probably consuming too much copper?

Hard water generally contains calcium and magnesium or lime (and other impurities) and forms a scum when used with detergent.
It also makes a rubbish cup of tea.

If your house has no lead pipes at all and your water is hard; with no fluoride it should be okay to use.

If your house has no lead pipes and your water is soft, and no fluoride, you could add a tiny pinch of magnesium sulfate or sulphate (Epsom salts) to make it hard, though probably pointless adding more if you live in Surrey.

Lake water may be your best option (even if it is stagnant and full of acid rain?), at least it would be familiar to the fish that live in it.

There is no doubt in my mind that certain chemicals present in tap water can either help attract or deter fish but it depends on where you live and what the concentrations might be. But what is an acceptable level for a certain chemical and do the fish know or care? I suspect they do know simply because fish are known to suffer the ill effects from pollution in lower concentrations than what might affect ourselves but probably don’t care much of the time especially as most of these contaminants are naturally present in the environment anyway, and if they seem to be confidently and competitively feeding on homemade baits made with less than pure tap water it shouldn’t matter at all. On a harder water however where the bites are few and far between it might pay to take these things into consideration. Most of us know that lead is poisonous for example and some people believe that any fluoride or chlorine present in the water could effect the smell of our baits. I suppose its down to concentrations and whether you believe as I do that fish can detect such minute levels.

Some of the minerals present in tap water could well be of some benefit to the fish. If we make up our bait preparations at home with tap water, a hard water that contains minerals and no fluoride is probably a good idea. The inclusion of minerals in our baits are nothing new of course. Most of us have probably added salt (sodium chloride) to our baits at some point to make them more attractive because we know that fish can detect it when the bait is in the water. I also believe the fish can detect other chemicals in the water too, including other kinds of minerals which are essential for their well-being. Generally if a mineral mixes well with water it is probably a good idea to add them and especially so if the water you are visiting doesn’t have so much. Alternatively if you’re stuck for ideas and you just want to offer them a source of calcium, you could do worse than adding crushed eggshells or snail shells to your homemade boilies which are predominantly a calcium carbonate crunch. If your tap water is soft (a cup of tea without scum on the top is a good indicator), then you might find the fish turn on to a bait that includes minerals, hence the reason for suggesting you might benefit by adding Epson salts to your baits?

Right, time for a nice cup of Yorkshire tea…cup of tea

By Chris Wilson


The importance of minerals when choosing the right bait

The importance of minerals when choosing the right bait

Which SAC™ juice flavour should I go with?

That’s a good question but not too difficult to answer.
SAC™ juice is a Soak And Coat and can be added to meat, cheese, boilies or pellets but it depends on the fish you intend to catch.
The best way is to determine for sure what the fish will normally eat, not what it does but what it prefers.

Put another way; what food have you most caught on?
Armed with this information, you can then determine by Googling what minerals that particular food contains – it will give you a clue as why they prefer to eat it!
You don’t need to worry about amino acids because all our range already contains all 10 of the essential amino acids that fish require.

Different species have different requirements but they all share the need for minerals.

We firmly believe MINERALS play a big part and can be detected by fish, especially on a baits surface.
Minerals are in shorter supply than most other nutrients so it kinda makes things easier if you can include foods that contain them; sodium salt (an important electrolyte), calcium, phosphorus, potassium (another important electrolyte), sulphur, chloride (another electrolyte), and magnesium (another electrolyte). Important “trace” or minor minerals may include iron, cobalt, copper, zinc, molybdenum, iodine, and selenium.

Bananas contain high levels of Potassium for example, do any of the baits that you currently (and successfully) use for barbel, chub, carp (or whatever) contain potassium? If they do then you know banana SAC™ would be a good inclusion… at least that’s the way we see things.

Electrolytes are important for all living creatures and are essential for life including fish too.
The electrolyte minerals include: sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium.

These minerals are referred to as electrolytes as they all conduct electricity when dissolved in water.

Laguna’s SAC™ juice contain minerals because our tests show fish can detect the tiny electrical charges in the water. Adding SAC™ juice to the surface of your baits as a Coat or Soak (SAC) will leech out into the water ensuring they are sought after by the fish!

For your further information; Laguna’s extraction process yields most alkaloids, glycosides, volatile oils, waxes, resins, gums, balsam, sugars (especially as non-denatured linked and cross-linked polysaccharides), vitamins, and minerals, all with none of the denaturing and inert rendering effects alcohol possesses.

SAC™ juices only contain real food extracts which are fortified with all 10 essential amino acids, so you can be confident too that any can be mixed without concern – one does not cancel or mask the other.


A different kind of sheep?

I realise this is not the usual blog post of an innovator and is a little cryptic to say the least.

My message is not for anyone in particular, in fact its not really a message at all if I’m honest, more a collection of random bleating personal thoughts more than substance of any worth…

I am a sheep!

I follow but I also sometimes lead.

I am therefore a different kind of sheep!

I am a sheep in the great big field where many others reside and they are all heading for the gate – just following each other as sheep do.

I realise there is a certain individuality about what it is I do that is different to the other sheep.

I am not a special sheep I’m just different, different because I head away from the others and sometimes stand in the opposite corner of the field – alone.

It is a lonely place.

But it is a better place because I have all this grass to eat for myself.

I bleat for them to come and join me.

I suspect most of us are sheep and follow one another from time to time, but if we all did the same thing, there would be no progress.

Perhaps I can see or sense something?
Perhaps I can share what it is, but as I have discovered; sheep will invariably follow the crowd and very few will initially follow or stand beside me.

In fact few know why I choose to stand here at all.

I am indeed, a different kind of sheep.chris-the-sheep

SPLITSTOP – a very different & versatile bait stop

We’ve just finished working (solidly I might add) for two whole weeks editing and tweaking our rig illustrations for the booklet that will accompany our newest product SPLITSTOP.
Product launch is imminent for our latest versatile product SPLITSTOP backed by a National Autumn/Winter campaign in Anglers Mail, Total Carp, Crafty Carper, Tackle and Guns magazines etc. along with 2500 giveaways and prize competitions next month worth £10,000!
So what is it?
SPLITSTOP is a bait stop (AKA a hair stop) but with a difference… actually there are many differences and unique features, but mainly, and this is why it will outsell others – it has the potential to eliminate the need to use barbed baiting needles or tie hair loops and it also has the remarkable ability to be folded inside out for use as a component for paste fishing rigs and a whole host of other wonderful and unique features including the ability to adjust and alter the length of the rig hair – without having to strip your rig down!
To find out more, please contact us via THIS LINK

Can I become a commission agent?

This is a common question asked of us almost on a daily basis, so I thought I would reply…

As a commission agent we can supply products under our “Drop to Shop” scheme or if you prefer can supply products direct for distribution.
Supplying direct for distribution offers more profit to agents who in effect become independent distributors and are subject to MOQ’s. Alternatively we can supply shops direct (which also includes online shops), in return for a commission and much lower MOQ’s.

Anyone interested in becoming an agent (or distributor) please contact us via this form for more information. http://www.lagunafp.eu/feedback.html


Veganism – unnaturally conscientious abstainers?

Whenever I come across a good website, and by good I mean one that has original and interesting content, factually based and of a subject that gets my attention, it should be worth mentioning.

This one was all about nutrition, and although not fishy related was still of some interest to me and thought it was well written and very well presented.

The site in question is aimed at vegans and I have always been fascinated as to how a vegan (strict) can possibly derive all their essential nutrients from veg alone?

After reading some of the content it became quite clear that the author in question is a conscientious and thoughtful person and I left her feedback in appreciation of her life style choices of respecting and abstaining from eating animal flesh. My mistake was to introduce myself as an angler and conservationist, but at least she kindly replied even though the bit about me being a conservationist wasn’t acknowledged!

Here is her reply (email addresses removed for obvious reasons) and my own response to be read in reverse order…

Hi Krista,

There are two kinds of anglers, one being those who catch fish and remove them from water (for food, sport or otherwise) such as is law in Germany for example. The others are respectful of fish and return them unharmed (catch and release in the UK). The later also being responsible for conservation of natural wildlife resources, accounting for significant investments in aquaculture programs, irrigation, tree planting etc. Typical of humans really, if we don’t have any interest in something it will surely be neglected.


PS. A fish has requirements for 10 essential amino acids compared to humans who require 9. The vast majority of fish derive these from eating other fish, larvae, insects etc. Its natures way I suppose.


—–Original Message—–
From: xxxxxxxx@bestveganguide.com [xxxxxxxx@bestveganguide.com]
Sent: 22 July 2012 14:14
To: xxxxxxxx@lagunafp.eu

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your email. I hope one day this world will be kind and respectful to all sentient thinking creatures. And yes, fish too. I don’t agree with angling I’m afraid. To me, fish are as entitled to live their natural lives just the same as dolphins are.

Best wishes,




A slow simmering for a very long time – no hotter than a carper’s sweaty arm pit, is just one of the secrets revealed that goes into the production of SAC juice (bait activator) Glycerites – The first of its kind made from 100% natural botanical, fish and animal extracts which boasts amongst other things; an estimated 20 year shelf life… more

SAC juice – Next generation liquid additives!

NEW product for 2012 from our sister company pristex!!!

SAC™ juice “bait activator” – Next generation liquid additives! 

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our new SAC™ concept which includes a specialist range of liquids, pellets and feeds designed for today’s thinking angler.

Designed for adding to the mix, soaking and coating boilie’s and pellets or adding to groundbaits, spod mixes etc. SAC™ juice bait activator, “activates” ready made’s – instantly turning them into potent attractors for use in both short and long term baiting campaigns.


“The initials SAC on the label mean “Soak and Coat” which is the principle idea behind the range, and it was our intention to produce products which only included natural ingredients using the best possible manufacturing methods with an unrivaled shelf life”!

Chris Wilson.

SAC™ Juice is the first in the range of incredibly versatile liquid food attractors (28 flavour types) made from 100% high quality natural botanical, fish and animal extracts, predigested proteins – boosted with amino acids!

SAC™ juice are not the cheapest – but assuredly, they are the VERY BEST you can buy!

Most liquid baits available on the market today include cheap and inferior liquid carriers, indigestible proteins and artificial flavouring’s.

SAC™ juice is totally different, a true Glycerite, the first of its kind with an *estimated shelf life of up to 20 years!

It is now a well established fact that ‘finished’ glycerites that contain adequate glycerine concentration, do not allow for microbial growth, and in fact are excellent microbial suppressants, even after opening. This is over two decades verified by a FDA Registered, cGMP compliant, Kosher certified commercial endeavour that produces ‘true’ alcohol-free herbal glycerites – with no refrigeration required after opening. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycerite

Our SAC™ liquids are totally safe for the fish and of the highest quality – predigested and boosted with amino acids that fish will readily detect and seek out. Assuredly SAC™ juice is the best you can buy made from top quality natural botanical, fish and animal extracts – it is possibly the first “Glycerite” liquid based bait of its kind in the world!

SAC™ juice (bait activator) is an amino fortified glycerite and predigest, a true alcohol-free Glycerite –
the only carrier of choice for soaking, coating and preserving all kinds of baits.

Tip 1 Use 50ml neat with 1kg boilie mix, groundbaits, stick and method

Tip 2 Dilute with up to 4 parts water to mix with damp or dry powders for quality paste

Tip 3 Coat pellets and boilie’s with SAC™ juice and sprinkle with our fine powders, leave to dry prior to using up in the water for a devastating “cascading” attraction (think of glitter on a xmas card!)

Tip 4 Use as a glug or dip – instantly turning your baits into a potent attractor for all kinds of targeted species

Tip 5 Mix with 1 part water for activating Laguna Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ fish egg baits (effective wherever real eggs are banned)

Tip 6 Use SAC™ juice as a long lasting bait preservative to prevent mould growth for boilie’s and pellets

Tip 7  Coat spooled lines with SAC™ juice in winter to prevent ice formation (due to the glycerine content) and add additional attraction into your swim from the line entering the water


SAC juice are food grade providing a naturally created aroma derived from botanical, fish and animal extracts, fish will never spook from these like they may from synthetically created flavours, enabling you to add higher levels without the fear of overdosing.

Designed for adding to the mix, soaking and coating boilie’s and pellets or adding to groundbaits, spod mixes etc. SAC™ juice bait activator, “activates” ready made’s – instantly turning them into potent attractors for use in both short and long term baiting campaigns.

Alcohol verses Glycerine extractions (Glycerite’s)

Whereas alcohol is intrinsically a denaturing and inert rendering agent to a botanical’s extracted constituent and compounds, glycerine possesses no such denaturing and inert rendering effects on a botanical’s extracted constituents and compounds. From both clinical and manufacturing perspectives, this is possibly the most important defining differentiator between alcohol-based made tinctures versus ‘true’ alcohol-free glycerine-based made Glycerites.

SAC™ juice is manufactured to the strictest quality control procedures.

Not only are our baits made using a true alcohol-free process (a common protein-destroying botanical extraction method), but like a good wine, our Glycerite’s will keep and mature steadily with age!

SAC™ juice (bait activator) 50ml
amino-fortified glycerite and predigest

Potent bait activator for boilie’s, pellets, SPAWN, groundbaits, stick and method – produced using enzymes!

Available in Sea flavours (Type A)
Fruity flavours (Type B)
Seed and Nut flavours (Type C)

Like a good wine, our Glycerite’s will keep and mature steadily with age!

Introductory offer includes FREE P&P!

“May all your fishes be bigger tomorrow”!

* Laboratory estimates only – not guaranteed.

Anglers shooting insects!

It was supposed to be a product photo shoot for our fishing baits but we were distracted by a lovely flower…

Our camera has the ability to take underwater pictures and movies.
Its a rugged body construction designed for the sporting enthusiast – just the job for us anglers we thought?
Not that we intended taking any underwater pictures mind, but knowing us, it might be advantageous to purchase a camera that is water proof if you know what I mean?

Then while shooting a fresh batch of Aqua-SPAWN and our new SAC juice products outside our production unit in Bradford yesterday, going through the various functions of the camera I also remembered its ability for macro shots in high definition to 1cm close-ups too!

Looking around for something suitable for us to take a close up shot, we spotted a lovely yellow flower all on its own!
Dropping down to my knees I focussed in what remained of the good light with dark clouds looming, took aim and shot a few off when suddenly we had a visitor descend upon us!

Fantastic pictures, here’s a small selection including our visitor with his pollen laden legs!

Click to see larger images in HD


Camera model Pentax Optio (adventure proof) WG-1 14MP