New artwork for global branding ideas?

New graphic designs for LAGUNA products

I have just started work on some ideas for product artwork which will be available for our distributors to use on packaging, point of sale (POS) and promotional etc. We will provide them as part of the licensing deal for free, and should be available for preview prior to product launch around March/April 2011 .

Many merchandisers charge extra for these but to my mind they should be made available at cost (if pre-printed) or provided free. We chose the latter.

Graphics and labeling take time to create of course and its no mean feat getting everything sorted ready for reproduction, but we have decided it will be in everybody’s interest if they are created in vector format (available as downloads for registered licensees only). This graphics format will allow scaling to size from postage stamp to billboard if required without any loss of quality whatsoever.

All our artwork shall remain copyright LAGUNA FP LTD. and will be made available for reproduction purposes and use exclusively for licensees only.

Alteration other than scaling is explicitly prohibited as per the terms of your licensing agreements.

Custom artwork or suggestions from our distributors designed for poster exhibitions and/or general sales promotions, will always be considered for approval in a timely manner.

Are you artistic?

In addition to producing artwork in-house; we’re also considering running a promotional “crowd-sourcing” campaign in angling/fishing related sites, mags and newspapers for readers to submit their own graphic design ideas. We’re considering this to be an organised open competition and if appropriate, may well use the winning design(s) on our product packaging or website:

What do you think of this idea?

Will it appeal to you to have your own design on a new product destined for a global market?

Chris Wilson

Exec. Director


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