Its all GO… but no fishing!

Its been a hectic couple of weeks over the holidays and at last we’re back to normal again!

Saying that its not been a holiday as such for us is a bit of an understatement, as we are about to launch our company: LAGUNA FP LTD. and all the behind the scenes preparation has been ongoing despite Xmas and all the festivities.
On top of all what is necessarily in preparation to launch, I have had a 2 hour meeting with business advisors; Colin Brear and Richard Grey at business link to discuss our business and marketing strategy, plus I have contacted the much respected Martin James who has kindly agreed to review some of our products for testing (thanks Martin).

We are making preparations to put a team of anglers together  “Club Laguna” to help with promotion and create awareness of our products and possibly organise fishing trips,  competitions, shared transport to venues etc.

We are also looking into the possibility of distributing the  “No Knot” hook!
In case you haven’t heard of it before, its a new product which may benefit the “Knotless Knot” carp fans as well as aid the partially sighted amongst us who have difficulty tying traditional type hooks. I’ll keep you posted.

All work and no fishing! despite our  best intentions the lakes are still frozen but at least with all this work we have to do… We can still talk and think about it!

Happy new year!

Chris Wilson


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