Manufacturing Advisory Service Yorkshire and Humber (The future of MAS)

The recent demise of the regional Business Link services will affect local & regional SME’s, which will have a particularly negative impact on any potential new-start businesses.

New starts are the future life blood of the economy and are essential for the countries growth and future prosperity.
Taking that away, and replacing it with consultants from the independent sector is not central to businesses best interests and devoid the government of their own responsibility.

MAS similarly caters for a SME’s market albeit a specialised manufacturing one, and if government get their way they will also face the exact same fate.
MAS having regional and localised strategic offices are much better placed to help local business than what could be catered for if only a national office were to exist.

The North-South divide will be ever wider, but the government must also realise that it’s the ‘Northerners’ which are the manufacturing hub of this country, not the South. Taking away regional resources or substituting them with independents will not create the much needed jobs in manufacturing nor will they be impartial and have our best interests at heart.

Our business LAGUNA FP LTD. is a new-start manufacturing company which requires manufacturing know-how, methods and systems, as well as developing new technologies and processes but which also proposes to create new jobs in the future. If local resources were taken away how then do we propose to advance or compete?

As the CEO and founding member of my company, I have many more concerns in what I think is a very uncertain future ahead.

God help us and we pray that common sense will prevail.

Chris Wilson


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