SEASPAWN™ Trial 2011

Press release:

Following the tremendous success of Aqua-SPAWN™ – a unique synthetic fish egg (roe) bait launched earlier this year by LAGUNA FP LTD.
The UK based Company are now offering 500 free samples of a complimentary new bait called: SEASPAWN™ for testing in a new sea fishing trial scheduled to start in September 2011.


The free trial is open to ALL – sea anglers willing to test the new product which will start on 1st September and continues until the end of October 2011.

SEASPAWN™ is the salt water version of the highly successful Aqua-SPAWN™ product which has been specifically designed to catch a variety of coastal species. They are slightly larger than Aqua-SPAWN™ at about 10-12mm and the samples supplied are ‘pre-activated’ using a special sea flavouring that leeches out in the water.

SEASPAWN™ will not readily expand or become too fragile in salt water – this is what enables them to stay on the hook much longer, thereby withstanding a turbulent sea or turning tide much better. The sample bait is ready to hook or hair rig straight from the bag, and will be sent out together with illustrations and full instructions. The new rigs are designed for both Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ products which should help anglers with casting and bait cluster presentations.

The two rigs recommended for use with Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ are;
1. The “Sling-Shot” rig
2. The “Roe-Loop” rig

Both rigs have been designed by LAGUNA and will be available shortly.
The “Sling-Shot” is an hair rig designed to cast larger spawn, soft cheese, meat etc. greater distances and helps with the inertia from casting.
The “Roe-Loop” is a cluster rig designed for presenting a quantity of small grouped spawn or particles on a hair.

Also for Sea fishing: don’t forget the Pennel Rig…
Using two smaller hooks on a snood – ideal for SEASPAWN™

So far the Company’s owner; Chris Wilson  and his team have only tested the bait using the new rigs in fresh water + brackish waters in the UK and Spain and landed a few good fish, but haven’t so far tried them in the sea so any voluntary feedback from the trial will be very important.

The company hopes that SEASPAWN™ will be as successful as its freshwater version and will then go into production shortly afterwards based on the results and feedback from participants.

In exchange for a small stamped addressed (padded) envelope; LAGUNA will send you x1 free small trial bait bag containing about 10 hook-able pieces of SEASPAWN™ (they will not deteriorate) plus some information on the new rigs, how to use them and details of the products uniqueness.

* Max 500 free samples up for grabs. Limited to one small bag each.
Offer ends: 31st August 2011 and is aimed at UK sea anglers only.
Any envelopes received after this date may be returned empty.

For more information please contact LAGUNA FP LTD enquire[AT] or by using the Contact form on their website quoting this code: SEASPAWN

Please send your small padded S.A.E. to the following address to receive your free bait:

267 Beacon Road
Bradford BD6 3DQ
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

The trial will start 1st September through to 31st October inclusive.
Feedback would be a voluntary condition of the trial.
Based on their findings; LAGUNA will be looking for a new UK sea representative and stockists throughout the UK & Europe.


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