Press Release – product announcement

PRESS RELEASE – for immediate release

Product testing – FREE sample bait!

LAGUNA FP LTD is to give away 500 free sample bags of their newest SEASPAWNTM bait for a two month free trial!

Following the success of Aqua-SPAWNTM – thought to be the World’s first ‘Synthetic’ fish spawn hook-bait, the company are now looking for testers of their latest incarnation: SEASPAWNTM – a larger saltwater version which has been designed to catch a number of UK coastal species this coming autumn.

Aqua-SPAWNTM and SEASPAWNTM is a synthetic and perfectly legal spawn bait product developed from natural ingredients which doesn’t contravene any conservation laws associated with ‘real’ spawn. “In fact both products are potentially better than the real thing” says Chris Wilson its inventor; “containing up to 95% pure liquid flavour – complete with an embryo…, it’s the very best fish attractor you will find”!

Spawn fishing is not novelty bait. It is confirmed as one of nature’s most devastating natural baits which fish have been gorging themselves on – often to the exclusion of all other food items for MILLIONS of years!

So how do you fish with spawn, what are the methods, rigs and tactics used for such a unique concept? For answers to this and more; download your free illustrated practical guide to spawn fishing – tools, rigs, tips and tricks from:

The trial is open to all UK sea anglers willing to test the new SEASPAWNTM product which starts on 1st September – 31st October 2011 inclusive.

For your free sample send a small (padded) S.A.E. to the following address:

(SEASPAWN trials)
267 Beacon Road
West Yorkshire BD6 3DQ

Note: Product feedback is voluntary. Offer limited to one free sample bag per person/envelope only.
Please do not send any envelopes after September 2011 as they may be returned empty.

Any dealers interested in stocking Aqua-SPAWNTM or SEASPAWNTM (or the new rig accessories) should contact David Howarth head of UK distribution on: 01754-820024 / 07970-409032 sales[AT]

LAGUNA FP LTD is the proud Sponsors of the Poole Bay Small Boat Angling Open 2011 to be held on the 4th September. More information on:

Author: Chris Wilson


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