SEASPAWN – earlier than expected!

Product news: SEASPAWN™ – earlier than expected!

Originally planned to be sold the first week in November, the New SEASPAWN™ product by LAGUNA FP LTD – believed to be the world’s first “synthetic spawn” (hookbait) ever to be produced in the lab is available NOW to retailers following a huge request for it by anglers!

After LAGUNA FP LTD launched Aqua-SPAWN™ in the UK earlier in the year for fresh water carp, coarse and game fishing, SEASPAWN™ was the obvious next step to simulate perfectly the eggs (roe) of sea fish too.

Both products are a synthetic fish spawn hookbait (NOT made of rubber or plastic) and are totally benign, made of minerals and 100% natural ingredients complete with a coloured embryo simulating real spawn, a favourite nutritional food item that most fish will instinctively eat.

You would be forgiven in thinking that a bait made of only natural ingredients (without preservatives) will deteriorate very quickly, but both Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ (inactivated) have a 10+ year shelf-life!
Even activated with water/flavour these high-tech spawn products can be used over and over again many times if not used by simply allowing them to dry out on tissue paper for use on your next outing!

A reusable bait that isn’t made of rubber or plastic… whatever will they think of next?

For those sceptical of anything new – fishing with spawn is not a novelty!
Assuredly; the Americans have been doing it for years (using real spawn) with devastating effect. In fact fish have been gorging themselves on spawn for millions of years, its no wonder UK anglers are so excited!

Both new products by LAGUNA allow the angler to exploit this natural spawn feeding behaviour by adding water/flavouring to the tiny particles supplied in the tub that automatically self-expand to a desired egg size – without the need for a pump or vacuum!
4-15mm in the case of Aqua-SPAWN™ and 5-25mm in the case of SEASPAWN™ depending on the amount of water/flavour added by the angler – catering for all sized mouths!

These are not like the expanding pellets though. On the contrary, they work by a natural process called osmosis (termed ‘Osmotic Pre-Pred’) and will immediately react in the presence of water and/or water-based flavours. The particles of spawn quickly expand by absorbing the surrounding fluid (including any humidity), and are capable of holding between 200-400 times their own weight – without the need for a pump or vacuum!

Containing up to 95% pure liquid flavour – they are the most absorbent bait ever produced by far.

Once hooked or hair-rigged and placed into the water, the flavour within is quickly released outward, replaced by the surrounding water. The flavour released surrounds the bait and fish home in on it to find the familiar embryo awaiting them.

By presenting a bait (or several as a cluster) on or around your hook simulating real fish eggs, “activated” with potentially thousands of different flavours – Aqua-SPAWN™ and SEASPAWN™ products are the breakthrough that many anglers have been waiting for that promises to catch some good fish everywhere and anywhere you might venture!

Promotional price in the shops (MRRP) around £3.99 per 200ml tub

UK distribution (trade only): David Howarth (Green Haven fisheries owner) 01754-820024 / 07970-409032

Free illustrated guide for your customers new to Spawn Fishing (tips and tricks):

Chris Wilson

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