Products set to make a real boon to UK angling

What a fantastic trial SEASPAWN™ turned out to be!

Our decision to give away free samples of SEASPAWN™ in return for some feedback by sea anglers was a wise one with reports all over the UK suggesting they will definitely buy the product when they eventually hit the shops.

As an added bonus; even as we are heading into winter, we are also starting to hear reports from some carp anglers who prefer the larger sized product to Aqua-SPAWN™ which went on sale last April. This suggests offering a larger bait presentation is preferable even though the only samples currently on offer for the actual sea trials were flavoured with dirty squid!

Whatever flavour you and the fish prefer, the real advantages of buying the inactivated product means anglers can flavour their own, and what better way to gain the edge over others when sea angling, carp or coarse angling or indeed trout and salmon fishing than to use SAC™ juice (bait activator) which compliments both types of SPAWN perfectly.
SEASPAWN™ and Aqua-SPAWN™ are set to make a real boon to angling in this Country in 2012 and its about time we saw some real innovative products out there… lets put some fish on the banks or in your boat. Thank you for your much valued feedback and confidence, its exactly what we wanted to hear!

“May all your fishes be bigger tomorrow!”

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