Press Release May 2012


It’s not every day you come across something so different or special that it stops you dead in your tracks. After all, most of us are familiar with the rehashed words “revolutionary”, “fantastic”, “wow”, “best thing since sliced bread” and so on, but when you do finally hear or see something that’s truly exceptional, you know in an instant by the very notion of the idea that it is destined to be a world class seller!

Welcome to what is believed to be “the world’s first” synthetic fish egg (roe) hook bait – Aqua-SPAWN and SEASPAWN – complete with its own embryo!

You might be forgiven in thinking this bait from LAGUNA FP LTD is made of plastic, but it’s actually made of minerals and 100% inorganics that has a minimum shelf life of, get this… 10+ years!

It’s also reusable too (in the unlikely event it’s not eaten first of course) – simply dry out on tissue paper to shrink them back to the original size for reactivation, many times over. This represents exceptional value to the angler and a brilliant USP.

Effective wherever real eggs are banned!


Fish have been gorging themselves on spawn for millions of years, and if they can find it, will eat it to the exclusion of everything else around them as they will instantly and instinctively recognise it for its high nutritional food value, it’s the natural way in the wild.

What makes this bait so unique is that it can be flavoured with an unlimited number of water based additives that ‘activates’ the tiny particles from around 4-5mm up to 15mm in the case of Aqua-SPAWN and 25mm for SEASPAWN, and is capable of absorbing up to 95% (or 400 x its own weight) in liquid – all without a vacuum or pump!

Compare this to a boilie which have the majority of its flavours “locked in”, and you can immediately begin to appreciate why the fish are on it within minutes of it hitting the water. Aqua-SPAWN and SEASPAWN immediately starts to release its payload of flavour by a natural process known as osmosis (termed Osmotic Pre-Pred), essentially swapping-out the added flavour within for the surrounding water.

Originally developed in the lab nearly 4 years ago as a margin bait for the pole, the product has since undergone many transitional changes in its history of development from an unsatisfactory gelatine base, polymerised proteins, shaped pieces of food items etc. to what it is today; a perfectly spherical shaped synthetic egg made of 100% natural inorganics complete with an embryo that all fish love to eat. The product, although a perfect margin bait in its own right, can also be gently cast using the SlingShot rig by activating them to a suitable size – a simple rig designed to protect SPAWN and all soft baits from the inertia of casting, or which enables the angler to present them naturally as a cluster using the ROE-LOOP (ring of eggs). Both rigs developed by LAGUNA.

Both SPAWN products have tremendous absorbing power and can be activated using the majority of liquids already on the market, but to further ensure its success, Chris Wilson the company’s founder and the man behind the legal (official) SPAWN concept has also developed a range of complimentary flavours through PRISTEX its sister company called; SAC juice “bait activator” which is an amino fortified glycerite and pre-digest. SAC juice which stands for “Soak And Coat” is complimentary to existing pellets and boilies and other soon to be announced products. LAGUNA is now looking to market these through PRISTEX over the next few years by offering none-exclusive world distribution rights.

Chris says; “We are passionate about angling and conservation and we believe all our brands have the potential to be world class. With reinvestments of around £5M over the next couple of years and ideas for well over 20 more such unique products, anyone looking for a sound investment for the future in angling will do well to partner with us”!


– END –


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