Anglers shooting insects!

It was supposed to be a product photo shoot for our fishing baits but we were distracted by a lovely flower…

Our camera has the ability to take underwater pictures and movies.
Its a rugged body construction designed for the sporting enthusiast – just the job for us anglers we thought?
Not that we intended taking any underwater pictures mind, but knowing us, it might be advantageous to purchase a camera that is water proof if you know what I mean?

Then while shooting a fresh batch of Aqua-SPAWN and our new SAC juice products outside our production unit in Bradford yesterday, going through the various functions of the camera I also remembered its ability for macro shots in high definition to 1cm close-ups too!

Looking around for something suitable for us to take a close up shot, we spotted a lovely yellow flower all on its own!
Dropping down to my knees I focussed in what remained of the good light with dark clouds looming, took aim and shot a few off when suddenly we had a visitor descend upon us!

Fantastic pictures, here’s a small selection including our visitor with his pollen laden legs!

Click to see larger images in HD


Camera model Pentax Optio (adventure proof) WG-1 14MP


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