Veganism – unnaturally conscientious abstainers?

Whenever I come across a good website, and by good I mean one that has original and interesting content, factually based and of a subject that gets my attention, it should be worth mentioning.

This one was all about nutrition, and although not fishy related was still of some interest to me and thought it was well written and very well presented.

The site in question is aimed at vegans and I have always been fascinated as to how a vegan (strict) can possibly derive all their essential nutrients from veg alone?

After reading some of the content it became quite clear that the author in question is a conscientious and thoughtful person and I left her feedback in appreciation of her life style choices of respecting and abstaining from eating animal flesh. My mistake was to introduce myself as an angler and conservationist, but at least she kindly replied even though the bit about me being a conservationist wasn’t acknowledged!

Here is her reply (email addresses removed for obvious reasons) and my own response to be read in reverse order…

Hi Krista,

There are two kinds of anglers, one being those who catch fish and remove them from water (for food, sport or otherwise) such as is law in Germany for example. The others are respectful of fish and return them unharmed (catch and release in the UK). The later also being responsible for conservation of natural wildlife resources, accounting for significant investments in aquaculture programs, irrigation, tree planting etc. Typical of humans really, if we don’t have any interest in something it will surely be neglected.


PS. A fish has requirements for 10 essential amino acids compared to humans who require 9. The vast majority of fish derive these from eating other fish, larvae, insects etc. Its natures way I suppose.

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Sent: 22 July 2012 14:14

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your email. I hope one day this world will be kind and respectful to all sentient thinking creatures. And yes, fish too. I don’t agree with angling I’m afraid. To me, fish are as entitled to live their natural lives just the same as dolphins are.

Best wishes,



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