SPLITSTOP – a very different & versatile bait stop

We’ve just finished working (solidly I might add) for two whole weeks editing and tweaking our rig illustrations for the booklet that will accompany our newest product SPLITSTOP.
Product launch is imminent for our latest versatile product SPLITSTOP backed by a National Autumn/Winter campaign in Anglers Mail, Total Carp, Crafty Carper, Tackle and Guns magazines etc. along with 2500 giveaways and prize competitions next month worth £10,000!
So what is it?
SPLITSTOP is a bait stop (AKA a hair stop) but with a difference… actually there are many differences and unique features, but mainly, and this is why it will outsell others – it has the potential to eliminate the need to use barbed baiting needles or tie hair loops and it also has the remarkable ability to be folded inside out for use as a component for paste fishing rigs and a whole host of other wonderful and unique features including the ability to adjust and alter the length of the rig hair – without having to strip your rig down!
To find out more, please contact us via THIS LINK

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