A different kind of sheep?

I realise this is not the usual blog post of an innovator and is a little cryptic to say the least.

My message is not for anyone in particular, in fact its not really a message at all if I’m honest, more a collection of random bleating personal thoughts more than substance of any worth…

I am a sheep!

I follow but I also sometimes lead.

I am therefore a different kind of sheep!

I am a sheep in the great big field where many others reside and they are all heading for the gate – just following each other as sheep do.

I realise there is a certain individuality about what it is I do that is different to the other sheep.

I am not a special sheep I’m just different, different because I head away from the others and sometimes stand in the opposite corner of the field – alone.

It is a lonely place.

But it is a better place because I have all this grass to eat for myself.

I bleat for them to come and join me.

I suspect most of us are sheep and follow one another from time to time, but if we all did the same thing, there would be no progress.

Perhaps I can see or sense something?
Perhaps I can share what it is, but as I have discovered; sheep will invariably follow the crowd and very few will initially follow or stand beside me.

In fact few know why I choose to stand here at all.

I am indeed, a different kind of sheep.chris-the-sheep


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