The importance of minerals when choosing the right bait

The importance of minerals when choosing the right bait

Which SAC™ juice flavour should I go with?

That’s a good question but not too difficult to answer.
SAC™ juice is a Soak And Coat and can be added to meat, cheese, boilies or pellets but it depends on the fish you intend to catch.
The best way is to determine for sure what the fish will normally eat, not what it does but what it prefers.

Put another way; what food have you most caught on?
Armed with this information, you can then determine by Googling what minerals that particular food contains – it will give you a clue as why they prefer to eat it!
You don’t need to worry about amino acids because all our range already contains all 10 of the essential amino acids that fish require.

Different species have different requirements but they all share the need for minerals.

We firmly believe MINERALS play a big part and can be detected by fish, especially on a baits surface.
Minerals are in shorter supply than most other nutrients so it kinda makes things easier if you can include foods that contain them; sodium salt (an important electrolyte), calcium, phosphorus, potassium (another important electrolyte), sulphur, chloride (another electrolyte), and magnesium (another electrolyte). Important “trace” or minor minerals may include iron, cobalt, copper, zinc, molybdenum, iodine, and selenium.

Bananas contain high levels of Potassium for example, do any of the baits that you currently (and successfully) use for barbel, chub, carp (or whatever) contain potassium? If they do then you know banana SAC™ would be a good inclusion… at least that’s the way we see things.

Electrolytes are important for all living creatures and are essential for life including fish too.
The electrolyte minerals include: sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium.

These minerals are referred to as electrolytes as they all conduct electricity when dissolved in water.

Laguna’s SAC™ juice contain minerals because our tests show fish can detect the tiny electrical charges in the water. Adding SAC™ juice to the surface of your baits as a Coat or Soak (SAC) will leech out into the water ensuring they are sought after by the fish!

For your further information; Laguna’s extraction process yields most alkaloids, glycosides, volatile oils, waxes, resins, gums, balsam, sugars (especially as non-denatured linked and cross-linked polysaccharides), vitamins, and minerals, all with none of the denaturing and inert rendering effects alcohol possesses.

SAC™ juices only contain real food extracts which are fortified with all 10 essential amino acids, so you can be confident too that any can be mixed without concern – one does not cancel or mask the other.


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