The gruesomeness, the lack of compassion and despicable cruelty inflicted on another creature makes me sick to my stomach… neither does it help knowing that some people more closer to home are insensitive to these barbaric acts of animal cruelty, I wish I could show them the same lack of empathy and compassion, but fortunately its against my nature.

In truth, these are pilot whales (a relative of the dolphin) slaughtered annually in the Faeroe isles (under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark) and the link provided is propaganda by the Chinese to detract from their own dreadful animal rights history but these pictures are not made up and the event is real – it really happens (its tradition).

Bystanders are not innocent; nothing changes without human intervention and nothing should!

Source: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5NDM0NTA2Mg%3D%3D&mid=10100142&idx=7&sn=2338d5d305296bc264ba02c8620c3c69&scene=4#rd


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